MISSION STATEMENT:   To promote team spirit, fellowship and interest in sport.




The League which was formed in 1932 is called the Church of Ireland Badminton League (hereafter called the League).


The colours of the League are a trefoil of the coats of arms of the Archbishop of Armagh, the Bishop of Down and Dromore and the Bishop of Connor, enclosing a shuttlecock and surrounded by the lettering  “Church of Ireland Badminton League”.


The aims of the League are:

·         to organise and provide competition amongst badminton clubs

·         to raise the profile and general awareness of badminton

·         to encourage membership of clubs and the League

·         to support clubs who become members of the League




1.1     The League shall be under the jurisdiction of the Ulster Branch Badminton Union of Ireland, to which all clubs competing must be affiliated.  The UBBUI is governed by the Memorandum and Articles of Association of Badminton Union of Ireland Ltd which trades under the title ‘Badminton Ireland’.


1.2     The League shall be open primarily to all Church of Ireland badminton clubs and other badminton clubs subject to clauses 1.1 and 1.3 herein.


1.3     The League shall reserve the right of refusing any entry without assigning any reason.


1.4.    The League shall be bound by all legislation and is committed to good practices in promoting the well being of members and others as regards Safeguarding Trust and Anti-Doping Rules incorporated within the Badminton Ireland Bye-Laws.




2.1     Clubs wishing to join the League must make written application to the Honorary Secretary not later than the date specified by the Executive Committee which shall not be later than 31 October each year.

2.2     In exceptional circumstances a late application may be considered at the discretion of the Executive Committee.


2.3     An entrance fee for each League competition shall be set by the Executive Committee at the commencement or each season, and must be paid to the Honorary Treasurer on or before 1 December of that year.




3.1     The management of the League shall be vested in an Executive Committee elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall consist of the: ­


Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Match Secretary and  eight others as in clause 4.8.


3.2     The Executive Committee shall have power to fill any vacancies that may occur during the season by co-opting the necessary number of persons to fill such vacancies.  Such co-opted persons shall hold office until the next Annual General Meeting of the League.


3.3     A quorum of the Executive Committee shall consist of six, at least one of whom must be ex-officio.


3.4     The Executive Committee shall meet a minimum of three times each season to oversee the management of the League affairs.  A meeting must take place not later than the last day of February to arrange a date for the Annual General Meeting.


3.5     The Executive Committee shall have the power to call an Extraordinary General Meeting should it be deemed necessary.


3.6     The Executive Committee may appoint and delegate a specific task to a sub-committee at any time.


3.7     A club or an individual member may inform the Executive Committee of any perceived breach of the Constitution in writing.


3.8     On being informed of a perceived breach of the Constitution the Executive Committee shall have the power to either (a) adjudicate alone or (b) set up a sub-committee to investigate such breach, and reply in writing thereafter to the individual or the club.




4.1     All clubs shall be given official notification in writing six weeks prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting or any Extraordinary General Meetings.


4.2     The Annual General Meeting shall be convened before the end of May each year.


4.3     Any member of the Executive Committee or the Honorary Secretary of an affiliated club desirous of proposing an alteration or amendment to the Constitution shall submit the same in writing to the Honorary Secretary of the League not later than four weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting to allow such proposed change to be circulated to all clubs for their consideration.


4.4     Each club in the League shall be entitled to send to the Annual General Meeting not more than two representatives, together with any club member who shall be a League office bearer; any of whom may be appointed to office within the League or as a member of a Committee of the League.


4.5     Each club shall be entitled to one vote only.


4.6     At the Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting, voting on all matters may be decided by use of voting papers or a show of hands, at the Chairperson’s discretion. The Chairperson can have a casting vote.


4.7     At all General Meetings no decision can be made unless a quorum of a minimum of four clubs is represented.


4.8     At the Annual General Meeting the following shall be elected:


The President and Vice Presidents

Chairperson and Vice Chairperson

The Honorary Secretary

The Honorary Treasurer

The Honorary Match Secretary

Eight Committee Members

One Honorary Auditor

Three Trustees


4.9     No person who is absent from the Annual General Meeting may be elected to office unless (a) an apology for absence, and (b) consent to be nominated for office, have been received by the Honorary Secretary of the League prior to the commencement of the Meeting.


4.10   At the Annual General Meeting a League Selection Committee consisting of three members shall be elected.  Members of the Selection Committee may be elected from outside the Executive Committee.


4.11   At its first meeting the League Selection Committee shall appoint a convenor who will be responsible for keeping the Executive Committee advised of selection decisions.


4.12   At the Annual General Meeting any changes to the formats and rules for all competitions in the forthcoming season shall be approved.




5.1     To enter for competition a club must furnish to the Executive Committee a list of players in order of merit on the official registration form.


5.2     No club may (a) register a player after 31 December of each playing season or (b) change the order of merit (registration list) more than twice in any one season without the special approval in writing of the Executive Committee.


Application for either (a) or (b) must be made in writing to the Executive Committee.


5.3     A club shall also advise the Executive Committee, in writing, of any changes in the submitted registration list due to the deletion from or the addition to that list, for whatever reason.


5.4     At the commencement of each season each club must state on the League Registration Form what type of shuttle, e.g. Yonex Mavis, RSL Feather, Carlton Cork etc, it intends to use for home matches in the forthcoming season. 


5.5     All shuttles used must be cork based and conform to the requirements of the Badminton World Federation.




6.1     The formats and rules decided at the Annual General Meeting and as notified to clubs shall be used for all competitions.


6.2     If more than six teams enter for the competition the Executive Committee shall have the power to divide the competition into two or more sections.


6.3     To represent a club a player must be a fully paid up member of the club and affiliated to UBBUI via Badminton Ireland.  If a club should play a non-registered player they shall be penalised as follows:


All sets in which the illegal player(s) participate(s) and all sets below these in order of merit shall be awarded to the opposing team.


6.4     The League is open to all players of all status.  Where a club enters a team which includes a graded player(s), the team shall be restricted to the senior division.


6.5     No player shall play for more than one club in the same league/cup competition. 


6.6     No player shall be permitted to play in a division below that in which that player has been registered.  This clause is in addition to those players covered by clause 5.1.


6.7     Where a club registers two or more teams in the one league division it must nominate players for each team.  A list of substitutes may be supplied who will be eligible to play on any of the club’s teams.


6.8     Each club must adhere to using the type of shuttle named on its registration with the League for the season.


6.9     If a change of shuttle type is required the club must inform the Honorary Match Secretary of the League and give the reason for such change prior to playing a match with the new shuttle type.  No club should seek to gain unfair advantage by changing the shuttle type.  The Match Secretary shall advise the Executive Committee accordingly. 


6.10   In the case of a dispute arising between clubs from a change of shuttle type the decision of the Executive Committee shall be final.


6.11   All matches shall be played in the hall of the first named club in the order arranged by the Executive Committee, unless there are exceptional circumstances; in which case the first named club must advise the Executive Committee and receive approval in advance of a match being played.


6.12   In all the matches the captains of the teams shall, prior to the commencement of play, complete the official match report form with the names of players in the order of registration as submitted to the League.


6.13   The match secretary of the home team shall, within five days, notify the result of the match with full details on the official report form to the Honorary Match Secretary of the League.


6.14   In the event of either club being unable to play on the date arranged, every effort must be made to rearrange the fixture as soon as possible.  The opposing club must be given seven days notice of the rearranged date.


6.15   In the event of a club cancelling a competition fixture and being unable or unwilling to rearrange the match, the reason shall be fully explained by letter to the Honorary Match Secretary of the League.  The Executive Committee may award the points to the other club, or if the circumstances are exceptional, order the fixture to be played on a date mutually suitable.


6.16   Any dispute arising between clubs shall be referred to the Executive Committee in writing within fourteen days of its occurrence.


6.17   On receipt of a notification of a dispute arising between clubs the Executive Committee shall have the power to appoint a committee of inquiry of three persons as required from (a) the Executive Committee, (b) from within neutral clubs affiliated to the League, or both.


6.18   The Executive Committee shall, on report from the committee of inquiry have the power to impose such penalties as it may think just.  If it is deemed necessary options available may include a verbal or written reprimand, exclusion (prohibition) from a certain competition, suspension for a fixed period or disqualification.


6.19   Parties involved have the right to appeal the ruling in writing within fourteen days.  Thereupon the Executive Committee shall appoint a committee of appeal with different members from the committee of inquiry.  The decision of the committee of appeal shall be final.


6.20   In the event of an appeal being lodged the parties involved should continue with other fixtures pending the outcome of the appeal.


6.21   The winner of the league or cup competitions shall be the team that wins the most points.  In the event of a tie the Executive Committee shall make a decision.


6.22   The trophy for the competition shall be held by the winning team until 1 March in the following season and as soon as possible thereafter shall return it to the Honorary Match Secretary of the League.




7.1     During the season the League Selection Committee shall choose registered players to represent the League in various competitions.




8.1     If at any time there is a proposal to dissolve the League this shall be decided at an Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting.  Notification of such a proposal shall be communicated in writing to clubs six weeks prior to the meeting in the name of senior officers.


8.2     The notification shall also set out of any proposals for disposal of any assets of the League remaining, after satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities.


8.3     Any remaining assets shall be given or transferred to some other body having objectives similar to the objectives of the League, or to a philanthropic or charitable body, thereby prohibiting the distribution of any assets among the members of the League.


8.4     If at such a meeting the League decided to dissolve itself the Trustees shall manage the dissolution as agreed by the membership at the meeting.